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I'm Chris, and here I am eating a nectarine. I live in ever-exciting Montreal, the true birthplace of my food fascination. Enjoy the food and check out some new tunes while you're at it!

Perfect Pulled Pork

When you think ‘pulled pork’, you may also be thinking ‘a mother lode of time and effort’. First you’ve got to rub the pork with some spices, then you stick it in the oven while continuously fiddling with the temperature … Continue reading

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White Chocolate Tart with Raspberry-Mint Coulis on Hazelnut Crust

There’s this thrift store directly across the street from my apartment. Actually, I suppose I should address it by its proper name – une friperie – which, in French, is derived from the verb friper, which means literally to crumple or crush. … Continue reading

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Chilled White Russians

Around this time of year, when the snow shrinks into pockets of soil-infused ice piles and constant, quiet ropes of water thread through the gutters, I am suddenly faced with an optimistic realization: though it’s muddy and sloppy, spring is … Continue reading

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Unsweetened Skillet Cornbread

This Christmas was a bountiful one. In addition to some new casserole dishes and a seriously adored copy of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, my brother, who lives in Kansas, brought something extra special up to Montreal. Bundled up in his … Continue reading

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Roasted Grapes

  So, I’m presenting myself with a particular challenge: all of the food that goes into my fridge will get consumed. I watch helplessly as the wasted souls are tossed straight from the grocery bag to the fridge to the … Continue reading

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Curried Pumpkin Soup

Over two months later and I am finally posting. I won’t fib and tell you that I have been working constantly. In fact, I spent the entire month of August in Italy, enjoying the company of a certain lounge chair … Continue reading

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Gin and Tonic (ft. blueberry, basil and lavender)

Our liquor cabinet is pleasantly full these days. I’m not sure how this happened, as my boyfriend and I are both university students relying on a student budget. But just the other day, as we were packing up to move … Continue reading

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